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How can Who Is Your Insurance benefit your optical or optometry practice?

Who Is Your Insurance will help you grow your practice.
  • Increase sales by quickly and easily identify your patients’ vision plans
  • Prevents patients from leaving your practice or delaying their service

Who Is Your Insurance saves time and improves workflow.
  • Instantly searches all of your insurance carriers simultaneously from one place instead of visiting each carrier's website
  • Helps your practice deliver the best customer service
  • Integrates with Practice Management Software

Who Is Your Insurance is safe and secure.
  • Our website is equipped with 256 bits of encryption, which virtually eliminates unauthorized users from gaining access to your practice’s or patients’ information.
  • Auto log-off and digital certificates provide an additional security layer to your account and your data.
  • Track employee are search history
  • Your employees do not need to know your insurance carrier account credentials

How do I register my practice?
  1. Register now by clicking the Log In/Register link on the top right corner of this page and providing your e-mail
  2. Check your e-mail for activation link. Click on the activation link to activate your account
  3. Setup your profile by completing the profile setup page
  4. Add insurance carriers and your credentials

Which insurance plans can I search with Who Is Your Insurance?
Who Is Your Insurance allows you to search all of the vision insurance carriers listed below at the same time. We are constantly working on adding new insurance carriers and if you would like to add other insurance carriers, please contact us.
  • Advantica
  • AlwaysCare Benefits (Starmont)
  • Avesis
  • Davis Vision
  • EyeMed/Aetna
  • EyeSynergy (March Vision)
  • Heritage
  • MESVision
  • MetLife SafeGuard
  • National Vision Administrators (NVA)
  • Northwest Administrators
  • OptiCare
  • Superior Vision
  • Vision Benefits of America (VBA)

Can my patients directly search for their benefits?
No. Who Is Your Insurance looks up a patient's insurance carrier on behalf of the registered provider. The provider must have an account with the insurance carrier and be setup in their Who Is Your Insurance account.

Can I obtain authorizations once I find the patient’s benefits with Who is Your Insurance?
Yes. Currently, you can use Who Is Your Insurance to obtain authorizations for the following vision plans:
  • Avesis
  • Davis Vision
  • EyeMed/Aetna
  • National Vision Administrators (NVA)
  • Superior Vision

This list is constantly updated as more become available.

Patent Pending. Who is your insurance is a registered trademark of Who Is Your Insurance, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.